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1P;1st - Mrs. Margi Petersen

Due Date Assignment Description
12/18/2015 Spelling list 3.2 12/18

bring, trunk, pink, bank, sang, wing, rink, blank, rang, sunk, every, sure Sentence: I will bring my pink trunk to the bank.

12/11/2015 Spelling list 3.1 12/11

by, try, sunny, handy, fly, cry, lucky, silly, puppy, my, things, always Sentence: My silly puppy will always try to get his bone,

12/4/2015 Spelling list 2.6 - test 12/4

feet, he, see, we, green, me, she, tree, week, be, some, family

11/20/2015 Spelling list 2.5 - test 11/20

huge, June, rule, tube, use, cube, cute, flute, rude, mule, water, under

11/13/2015 Spelling list 2.4 - test 11/13

home, hope, rose, woke, those, bone, hose, joke, rode, stone, there, together

11/6/2015 Spelling list 2.3 - test 11/6

like, ride, smile, time, white, bike, dime, hide, ice, kite, who, work

10/23/2015 Spelling list 2.2 - test 10/23

face, made, age, safe, make, take, cage, cake, late, name, could, old

10/9/2015 Spelling list 2.1 - test 10/9

fish, then, shut, with, rush, shell, shop, trash, think, ship, want, good

10/2/2015 Spelling list 1.6 - test 10/2

crust, bump, jump, must, just, dust, trust, dusk, hunt, lump, many, into

9/25/2015 Spelling list 1.5 - test 9/25

men, red, step, ten, net, leg, jet, sled, wet, bed, saw, your

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