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6S;6th - Ms. Cayleigh Heron

Due Date Assignment Description
5/22/2017 Extra Credit Combo for English and Reading

 Students need to come up with a scenario of something that happened while the Nazi’s were in power and write a brief paragraph summary of the scene. It should be brief, but needs to get the point across by communicating the plot/action, setting, and the characters.

  Then, they need to write a second paragraph, or in line/skit form, of something that takes places here at Holy Trinity, and compare and contrast the two in a third paragraph. They need to describe why these two scenarios are so alike, why they are different, and how this knowledge can help us to learn from them and be the best versions of ourselves from now on.

*Students may also do the same thing on their own if they did not want to work in a group. 

*Time was given in class on Friday for them to do this assignment in groups. 

*10 points will be directed toward Language Arts for their writing, which means that they need to make sure to use proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, indention, and handwriting.

*10 points for making sure that they describe the plot, setting, and characters of the event and how well they compare and contrast the event from Nazi time to an event that happens here at Holy Trinity.

*5 points will be given for their explanation of what they can learn from the two scenarios in order to help them be the best versions of themselves.


4/27/2017 WHY T-Shirts and WHY Lunch Tomorrow
4/11/2017 Please rest-up for KS Assessments Round 2 Tomorrow
4/10/2017 Rest up and eat well for KS Assessments Monday and Tuesday
4/7/2017 Study for Spelling Challenge #21 for Friday
4/6/2017 Bring sack lunch and wear WHY T-shirts
2/23/2017 Please wear WHY Shirts For Yearbook Picture Tomorrow!
1/26/2017 Don't Forget! You're All Invited to Wear your WHY t-shirt tomorrow!

WHY t-shirts and sack lunches for a WHY Mission during lunch tomorrow!

9/30/2016 R.O.O.T. Reading Log Parent Signature

*Parent Signatures to confirm that each student has read and logged at least 100 minutes of independent reading weekly are due each Friday. The students can get these logs from the classroom once they have filled one up or you can print them from this website under the forms and documents tab.

Most importantly, this is a great way to spark-up great conversations with your family and share the Treasure/Truth that you have gained from what you have read. (: Retelling is an excellent skill to master in the art of reading! You never know who you may inspire next.

8/19/2016 Gods Masterpiece Pics

Students in 6S have been asked to bring a picture of themselves or have a picture emailed that depicts what is meaningful in their lives, thus, shaping the unique masterpieces that God created them to be. This is due by Friday, August 19th, 2016.

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