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LANGUAGE ARTS;6th - Ms. Nancy Borisov

Due Date Assignment Description
5/11/2018 Unit 1 Greek and Latin roots Quiz

10 questions.  Similar to the packet they were given on Monday.

5/11/2018 Unit 1 Greek and Latin Roots Packet

(it's yellow)  It is due Friday, May 11

4/30/2018 Extra Credit the Great Cal. Earthquake of 1906
4/6/2018 Singular/Possessive Nouns Test this FRIDAY
12/13/2017 Shurley Method Chapter 3 TEST

Make sure to study your preposition card!  ( the laminated list that I gave you last week)

10/27/2017 Shurley Method Ch. 1-2 Test 10-27-17

We will be taking the Shurley English Test over Ch. 1 and 2 this Friday.  I am sending home a study guide that we will complete during school on Monday and Tuesday.

10/12/2017 Final Copy of Paragraph

Please have your final copy of the favorite sport/hobby paragraph written neatly on loose leaf notebook paper. Must have main idea, details and concluding sentence.  At least 5 sentences!

9/15/2017 Mother Fletcher's Gift. Thinking Critically Questions p. 72

You should be able to log in to Pearson Success Net to pull up the story and the questions.

Email me if you have a problem.


9/15/2017 Daily Fix It
9/1/2017 Finish Setting up Interactive Notebook Pages

Please finish entering information in your interactive notebook pages that we started in class.

Use the forms in the "document" section of my homepage to use as the model for yours.


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