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Mathematics;6th - Ms. Megan Dickson

Due Date Assignment Description
5/18/2018 5/16 HW

Finish Projects!!!! Due Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/16/2018 5/15 HW

none. Working on project in class tomorrow

5/15/2018 5/14 HW

Car worksheet and paragraph

5/14/2018 5/11 HW

Finish Check worksheets

5/11/2018 5/10 HW

Pink Worksheet

5/10/2018 5/9 HW

Yellow Wksht

Write Letter

ALEKS EC due Friday

5/9/2018 5/8 HW

ALEKS EC due Friday

5/8/2018 5/7 HW

ALEKS due tonight

Check Quiz tomorrow

5/7/2018 5/1 HW

ALEKS due Monday

5/7/2018 5/4 HW

Check Register Worksheet

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