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READING;6th - Ms. Nancy Borisov

Due Date Assignment Description
5/4/2018 Freak the Mighty Study Guide

Test will be next Wednesday.  May 9

This study guide, completed by you, with help from me and classmates, will be your help for this test.

Filling it in carefully, with well-thought out facts, ideas and text evidence will allow you to make the best grade possible.  Thanks for trying hard and not slacking on this!

  Homework Document: Freak the Mighty Study Guide for Test
3/27/2018 Finish reading Ch. 14 of Freak the Mighty, then answer the reader response questions.
2/27/2018 Monday- February 26, 2018

Today we answered Ch. 10 Reader Response questions for Freak the Mighty Due Tuesday!

We also began reading Ch. 11, with a partner, and answered Reader Response Questions.  Due Tuesday!!!

Character and Characteristics Worksheet- pick 4 characteristics that would describe either Kevin or Max. On the back of the list, write those 4 words and why they describe your character (Max or Kevin). We will be doing a characterization activity in class tomorrow.

  Homework Document: Ch. 10 and 11 Qs/ Characteristics List
2/2/2018 Vocabulary Test - Feb. 2 - over Chapters 1-5 Of Freak the Mighty

ON Friday, February 2.

Be able to insert the correct vocab. term into the appropriate sentence.

1/26/2018 Freak the Mighty Vocab. Ch 4-5
  Homework Document: Ch. 4-5 Vocab. Freak the Mighty
1/24/2018 Freak the Mighty

Read Chapters 1-3


1.  unvanquished (p. 1)

2. resembles   (p. 3)

3.  duplex  (p. 4)

4.  vacant  (p.6)

5.  mainstream  (p. 6)

6.  scraggly  (p. 11)

7. propulsion (p. 13)

Write a definition. You can make one up using the sentence in the book as context clues. You can look it up in the dictionary.

Write a sentence, with context clues!

  Homework Document: Ch. 1-3 TEXT
12/5/2017 The Cay Ch. 12-13 text

Please finish reading Ch. 12-13. Complete packet.  Due Tuesday.

  Homework Document: The Cay Chapter 10-11
10/25/2017 Ch. 2-3 The Cay Vocabulary

Here is a copy of chapters 2 and 3.  This will you complete the vocabulary sheet that is due tomorrow.  You do not have to read a chapter!

  Homework Document: The Cay Chapter 2-3
10/25/2017 The Cay Ch. 2-3

This will help you with your vocab. homework tonight

10/9/2017 AR Goals are now due October 9

I wanted to give you a few more days.  They are due at the end of the day on Monday, Oct. 9

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