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Religion;6th - Ms Cayleigh Heron

Due Date Assignment Description
5/16/2017 11 Random Prayers on a prayer page with color
5/4/2017 Fill in "Work of Art" body with words

*Students need to use words from the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to create the outline of a human body or head and fill it in fully with words that apply to their lives and how they can use the beatitudes, commandments and works to be the best version of themselves

5/2/2017 Works of Mercy Body Sketch

*Sketch the outline of a person, and then write the works of mercy, including how you will apply them to your own life, within the outline so that the words actually start to shape the body

4/28/2017 Pray and Be Merciful!
4/27/2017 Mass Reflection on John 3:16 and Mercy

*Students needs to draw a page-sized symbol on construction paper that represents something that they got out of the Mass today and the gospel reading. 

*On the back they need to reflect on

A)How the Mass/Reading applies to their lives

B)How the Mass/Reading compares to Divine Mercy

4/26/2017 Beatitude Comparison to Mercy

*Students need to write down their favorite beatitude in their religion journal and then explain why it is their favorite and how it compares to mercy.

4/25/2017 My Own Divine Mercy Symbol

*Students need to bring a symbol or write a paragraph that they are going to share with the class on mercy in their own experience, whether they were treated mercifully or that they extended mercy to someone else. They could also describe an event that they witnessed. They will be presenting these in class tomorrow.

4/13/2017 Beatitude Matching

*Don't forget to match the yellow beatitudes to the originals in your religion journals*

4/5/2017 Temple of the Holy Spirit Reflections due Wednesday
4/5/2017 "Temple of the Holy Spirit" Reflection Paragraphs

On a loose-leaf piece of paper, please answer the following two prompts in your best hand-writing with proper spelling, punctuation and grammar in paragraph form.

Title: "Temples of the Holy Spirit"

a)What were the top three traits that I now want to adopt for myself to be the strongest temple of grace, "God's Life within us"? and Why?


b)What are the two main weaknesses that I see in my own self, temple, and how do I plan to strengthen them? Why?



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