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SOCIAL STUDIES;6th - Mrs. Pam Luby

Due Date Assignment Description
1/10/2018 Ancient India Vocab Wksht
1/9/2018 Readworks Article

Take Action article

1/8/2018 Ancinet Egypt Map

Complete map!

12/12/2017 Ancient Egypt Test Changed to Tuesday:

Chapter Test Tuesday - Ancient Egypt:)

12/1/2017 Pop Quiz Friday

Read Pgs. 79-84 - can use notes on quiz

11/20/2017 Readworks Article

Read and answer questions from reading.

11/15/2017 Pamphlet Due

Pg. 69 Egypt Kingdoms

11/15/2017 Pamphlet Due Wed

Pg.69 3 Kingdoms in Ancient Egypt

Dates with picture and any other details you want to add.

11/9/2017 Reading & Map

Read pgs 67-72, on pg.72 do Define and Identify

Map complete - Pg.60

10/25/2017 Ch.2 Fertile Crescent

Test on Wednesday - changed from Tuesday

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