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Science;7th - Dr Ron Occhiogrosso

Due Date Assignment Description
12/1/2016 HW Q's p.121 & ch.16 & 17 Wr.Bros.
11/30/2016 HW Ch.4-2 Key Terms defined in notes
11/21/2016 HW Questions p.113
11/21/2016 Binder Check on Binder for fall semester
11/16/2016 Test Ch.3,Labs#4,Wright
11/10/2016 HW Questions p.93,94, & 104
11/10/2016 Quiz Ch.3-1,3-2,3-3,Lab#5,Wright Bros.Ch.13-15
11/7/2016 HW Questions p.87
11/4/2016 Ex.Cr. Making an Astrolabe at home. Follow on-line directions. Up to +10 pts.
10/25/2016 HW Questions on p.67,69,70 & 71
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