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Andrea Fredrickson - About Me

Hello!  My name is Andi Fredrickson and I love being a musician!  I also love teaching, so putting them both together is my ideal vocation.  I started singing with my family when I was 5 and my brother was 4.  We sang in churches all over Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.  My parents are increcible singers and we made quite the quartet!  I learned how to sing harmonies on the fly and listen to the singers around me.  This skill has proved quite useful of late as I've had several opportunities to record back ground vocals in local recording studios for a variety of artists.
I earned my BME from the University of Kansas and entered graduate school right away.  When I started in the public schools of Kansas City Kansas, I had 75 hours of masters degree work and needed a change- so off to teaching!  I worked at the year round school (New Stanley) in Argentine for two years before taking a part time job in Gardner, at Gardner Elem.  I left after three years to raise my boys and teach private voice and piano.
After 8 years of teaching private lessons at The Culture House, I was able to add music director and dance to my resume'.  
My husband, Scott and I currently serve as  worship leaders at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood.  Scott plays the drums, and I sing!  A match made in heaven!  We are compelled to serve as we love leading others in the most important event of the week.
Together we have 4 boys- John, Brad, Micah and Ethan.  
I love singing and dancing and worshiping with my students at HTS.