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Dear Student,

You have the opportunity to choose only those foods which you intend to eat in the School Lunch Program. This feature of the National School Lunch Program is designed to give you the opportunity to select foods that you want to eat and to reduce food waste.  Each day you will be offered a complete lunch including a serving of:

                                                   1. Meat/Meat Alternate

                                                    2. Fruit

                                                    3. Vegetable

                                                    4. Grain/Bread

                                                    5. Milk

The serving of fruit and vegetables may be a combination of a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetables, or two servings of two different fruits, or two servings of two different vegetables.

A school lunch provides approximately one-third of your daily nutritional needs. You are encouraged to take all the foods offered; however, you may decline up to two (2) items. The price of the meal remains the same whether you select the minimum of three food items or all five. For example, if the menu is:

                               Hamburger on a Bun (Meat and Bread)

                                       Tossed Salad (Vegetable)

                                                Corn (Vegetable)

                                                       Milk (Milk)

You could take all five food items (hamburger, bun, tossed salad, corn and milk) or you could select full portions of four items or a combination of a minimum of three items such as:

Hamburger                           Hamburger                                  Hamburger

Bun                   OR                Tossed Salad                OR                Bun

Milk                                            Milk                                                     Milk

OR                    OR                                                         OR

Corn                                              Bun                                        Hamburger

Tossed Salad   OR                 Tossed Salad                 Or              Bun

Milk                                               Corn                                      Tossed Salad

Other combinations could be chosen. You must select three different items. For example, two hamburger patties would count as only one food item. Check the menu daily so you will know which items in the school lunch you want to eat. Through your careful selection of only those foods you wish to eat, you will be helping to conserve food and money - two valuable resources. Enjoy your lunch!


                               This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

2005                              Child Nutrition & Wellness, KSDE                From 17-E