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Margi Petersen - About Me

My Philosophy of Education

 Mrs. Margaret M. Petersen

          My philosophy of education begins with the fact that God loves us and calls us to love each other.  In my classroom, I allow for individual differences and uniqueness.  I view myself as a member of a team along with the parents and strive to be a good Christian role model.

          I personally have an intense love for children and I try to exhibit that in my teaching and work toward creating a learning environment based on that love.  In my classroom the children and I are expected to act lovingly toward each other by showing kindness and consideration.

          I believe in looking at each child as an individual, not as one of a group.  Each child has his/her own likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses as well as ability and maturity.  To be a truly effective teacher, I need to evaluate each student individually and look for the way each child learns best.

          I see my role as one of support to the parents who are the primary caregivers and first educators of their children.  It is important for me to work with parents as a team in achieving their children’s academic and moral development. 

          My primary goal is to enhance each student’s self esteem.  I work at achieving this by being a good role model and teaching the children what it means to be a Christian and how to make good moral choices.  Self esteem can be fostered by the way we treat each other.  I will be one who will set a good example.