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1J; 1st; Megan Jasperson
8/20/2018 Back to School Night Packet

Back to School Night Packet


Mrs. Jasperson’s 

 First Grade


Dear Parents,


Welcome to First Grade! My name is Mrs. Megan Jasperson and I am very excited about having your child in my class this year. I have lots of fun things planned for our school year together. 


About Mrs. Jasperson

Hello! I love being part of Holy Trinity's First Grade team! I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Kansas State University. My husband, Ryan, is a construction manager. We were blessed with two beautiful children.  Carter is a Sixth Grader at HTS this year. He is a great big brother to Ella, who is in Third Grade this year.  I know the students will enjoy hearing stories about my two kids.

 This is my sixteenth year teaching in the Archdiocese, fourteen of which have been at Holy Trinity Catholic School. I am eager to start the year with the first graders! I chose teaching because children have always been a part of my life and they are important to me. I believe all children can learn. I believe it is my responsibility to do everything in my power to help them succeed.



First Graders do attend Music, PE, Library, Computer and Art classes. We also have Spanish 3 times a week and attend the Atrium. Our schedule is as follows:

            Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday             Friday

            Music                Art                   Library                   Spanish            Music

            Spanish            *Atrium           Computer                 P.E.                 Spanish

                                                            P.E.                                                  Mystery Reader                                                                     

*The First Grade students will be attending Atrium this year on 8 consecutive Tuesdays Nov. 13-Feb. 12th . A sign-up Genius will be sent for volunteering at a later date.             

* We will go to the computer lab during 1st and 3rd quarters to learn basic typing skills with Mrs. Henneberg. I will teach computer skills during 2nd and 4th quarters.          




I want to keep the lines of communication between us open.  I see myself as a team player with you, the parents, to work together to help your children be and feel successful. I would like to use your child’s assignment notebook as a tool to keep the communication between home and school ongoing. There will be homework assigned every Monday-Thursday and I would like for you to sign or initial each night indicating that their homework was completed and then checked by you. This is also a great spot for quick notes between home and school. Your child will also have an orange “Home” folder that will come home each night. I send a calendar home each month with important dates highlighted and send home newsletters each week. The quickest way to reach me will be through email although if you need to conference with me I would be happy to meet with you in person or over the phone and not through email. I will check my email throughout the day and will respond as soon as I am able. My email address is:


Our school is equipped with three computer labs. I will be taking the children to use the computers in the labs frequently.  We are also lucky to have three computers in our classroom, that they will be welcome to use them at appropriate times. The class will also be going to computer class with Mrs. Henneberg once a week during the 1st and 3rd quarters.  ** There are websites we have used listed on the school website so that you can have your child working on some of these same concepts at home. Look under “Student Life” then “Student Resources” and “First Grade” on the HTS website to find these teacher approved websites.


Your child can expect to have about 15minutes of homework Monday-Thursday. Your child will bring home an assignment notebook telling you of that evening's assignment. Please initial it each night and return it to school the next day. Spelling tests are always on Friday unless there is no school and then they are on Thursday.

Home Folder

Your child will bring home a folder of papers from the day for you to keep.  Please look over the work and return the folder the next day in your child’s backpack. Please empty the “Keep at Home” side of the folder every night and return the “Bring Back” papers to school the following day.

1J Newsletter

I will send a short weekly communication on Fridays via email/parent square website. Spelling words will be listed in the newsletter as well in their planners and on the monthly calendar.



We will have an optional snack time each afternoon. The students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to keep in their cubby to use at snack time and as needed throughout the day. Also, the children may bring a small, healthy snack to eat each afternoon following our recess. Each child should bring their own snack and are not allowed to share with other students.



We will be celebrating each child’s birthday at school and they are more than welcome to bring treats for the class. If your child has a birthday in the summer then we will celebrate his/her half-birthday in December, January or February. You may want to note that there are 25 students in our class. Please send napkins with the treats! J


Mystery Reader

We will have “Mystery Reader” each week. This will be an opportunity for each student to have a special mystery guest come to school and bring some books to read to the class and a snack to share. The students will not know who is coming to our class – this is part of the mystery. Please do not tell your child when it is your turn. For those of you who are unable to make this time, please ask a neighbor, grandparent, uncle, etc. to come in or talk to me so we can set a time that will be better for you to come in.  Each student is only allowed ONE Mystery Reader. I will send an email later this week with the link to signup for Mystery Reader!


In the Spotlight- Star of the Week

 Each student will get a week to be “In the Spotlight.” I will send a note home the Friday before your child’s week with some instructions and an information sheet to fill out. I am asking that our “star” bring a small poster board with pictures of themselves and their families (their poster from Kindergarten is great) that we will hang on our bulletin board for the week. Our SPOTLIGHT SCHEDULE is included in the Back to School Packet as well on our monthly calendars that will be sent home at the beginning of the month.


Field Trips

The students always look forward to field trips! Information will come home closer to each event along with a permission slip. Field trip permission slips MUST be signed and returned for your child to attend. 


Library Books and Book Orders

The students will also be able to check out a library book each Thursday. Be sure to have your child bring their library book back to school by Thursday or they will not be able to check out a new book. It is a good idea to keep their library book in their backpack when they are not reading it.  Optional book orders from Scholastic will come home with the students about once a month.   


Please label your child’s belongings with his/her name or initials. Many uniform items are unclaimed (lost) by the children because they think that it is not theirs.


Virtus Training

Any parent volunteers that wish to work directly with students need to go to a training session.  Please contact the office if you have not had the training but want to take it.


The students help to make our classroom rules, consequences and responsibilities. I will be positive with the children and try to match consequences to the actions. We have school-wide expectations as well as school-wide and grade level incentives for positive behavior. In First Grade we use “ Think Sheets” as a way for the student to refocus their behavior.


Please send me a note, write in the planner or email me if your child’s way of going home is different from their usual way. Dismissal time can be hectic and I want to make sure everyone gets to the place they need to be.


First Grade Aide

We are very fortunate to have an aide to assist the 3 first grade teachers this year. Mrs. Susanna Peck is a wonderful part of our First Grade TEAM. Periodically, we may still need parents to come in and help with special projects.



Thank you for sharing your children with me during the school day. I have an intense love for children, especially the little ones, and am very excited to work with you this year in helping them grow as students! Please contact me anytime with questions, concerns or compliments!


I am excited for a great year, 

Megan Jasperson



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