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Ms. Cayleigh Heron Web Pages

~*English/ Language Arts*~


  • Writing

-Expository Papers

-Narrative Papers

-Persuasive Papers


- 6 Trait Writing Skills (Organization, Ideas, Conventions, Word Choice, Fluency, And Voice)

  • Reading

-Scott Foresman Reading Street Series

-Class Novels

-Seminar~ Multi-Tiered Reading Small Groups

   -Reading Tests will be taken on Thursdays

-Weekly Vocabulary

-Independent Reading

                *We ask that students have their own personal novel with them at all times.(:

  • Spelling

-Weekly Spelling Pre-Tests and Tests Fridays

                        -The Spelling List for the Week will always be posted on Mondays for studying(: 
  • Grammar

       -Shurley English

*Creative way to teach the parts of speech through music.


  • E.L.A. Packets will be given out on Monday and will be due on Thursdays each week, unless we have Monday off, in which case, it will be due on Fridays

  • There will be presentations that follow each and every writing project that will serve as a fun way to share what we have learned, make connections across the E.L.A. curriculum, and to build community and boost self-esteem for individuals and the class as a whole.

  • Reading outside of school will be encouraged through an incentive program called R.O.O.T. Reading Log~ A Treasure Seeker's Guide

*My overarching objective this year will be to utilize the E.L.A. curriculum to aid students in the discovery of the best versions of themselves, as well as, why reading and writing are so vital to their growth as individuals and as members of Christ’s family.