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Kelsey Marchand Web Pages

Miss Kelsey Marchand
Art Teacher
First Year at Holy Trinity Catholic School
B.A. Art Education - Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas, 2018


Work Experience:  
2016 - 2017 - Visual Arts Intern, Kansas City Young Audiences

2017 - Present - Teaching Artist, Kansas City Young Audiences

Teaching Philosophy:

   In Dr. Peter Kreeft’s essay, “Why Study Philosophy and Theology,” Kreeft included a subsection titled “The Goal of Education.” (Kreeft, p.34-35) While his work heavily focused on philosophy and theology, he made a general point about education that is incredibly relevant and beautifully written. “And that is the reason for going to college in the first place: not to make money or things, or even to live better, but to be better, to be more, to grow your mind as you grow your body” (Kreeft, p.35). The root of his idea is the human person and his or her growth. A child is not merely a student, but a remarkable creation made in the image and likeness of God, and ultimately called to be in union with with Him. A celebration of this joyful truth must be at the foundation of Catholic Education.
   Catholicism is intrinsically linked to virtuous relationships with God and our neighbor. School is a place where we nourish our God-given gifts and talents in the academic realm and beyond. What are gifts and talents meant for, though, if not to share? What are we ultimately growing for here on Earth, if not for eternal life in union with God? This is the beauty of Catholic Education: it fosters communal and intentional growth directed towards authentic truth and ultimate happiness.
   My passion for art education dates back as long as I can remember. There has not been a day where I was not drawn to either create, or pursue a deeper understanding of beauty. There has not been a moment of my studies in education where I was not aware of the fact that students attend school for more than grades and test scores, but rather to encounter an even greater and more profound truth. This passion for art education originally manifested itself in simple ways as I created and studied art education, but over time the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the true reason I was seeking to be an art educator.
   I now realize that my lifelong love of creating is rooted in the fact that I am uniquely created by the greatest artist. My desire to educate and share is rooted in the fact that Christ is the ultimate teacher, sent to reveal the truth of God’s love. My unending pursuit of understanding beauty is woven into my heart after gracious my Father, who does nothing without sincere purpose and perfection. My gifts and talents are truly not my own, but rather His. We are created and called to use His freely-given gifts to glorify Him through thought, word, and action.
   There is no joy that compares with the joy of doing His work and knowing He is leading me in the process. I teach in Catholic Schools so that I can openly testify on behalf of God’s abundant love through my profession as an art educator. I desire to facilitate creation experiences that help unite young hearts to the hearts of the creator. Through the study of art I seek to teach students to both recognize and seek beauty in all of humanity so they can grow as relational beings, just as the Father intended.
   My ultimate goal is to openly instill the truth of the Catholicism into every aspect of the content that I teach. Catholic Education is a beautiful platform for evangelization and growth, but it is only the beginning. Through a Catholic Education directed towards both faith and academic formation, young students will have a remarkable ability to lead extraordinary lives in union with the Holy Trinity, and be manifestations of His love to help renew the face of the Earth. I feel honored and excited to answer His call to walk with students on this faith journey as an educator.

Kreeft, P. (2009). Why Study Philosophy and Theology? The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, 33-38.

Our Mission: "Holy Trinity Catholic School is dedicated to the spiritual, academic, emotional, and physical development of all students; Empowering them to cultivate positive relationships, think critically, and become disciples for the Catholic Church and the world."
Passions & Interests:
  • Catholicism
  • Family
  • Art History 
  • Printmaking
  • Reading
  • Swimming
Favorite Scripture:"I give you peace, the kind of peace that only I can give. It isn't like the peace that this world can give. So don't be worried or afraid." - John 14:28