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Mrs. Lori Henneberg
Computer Technology Teacher
Fifth year at Holy Trinity Catholic School
Education: Master's Degree from Kansas State University - Curriculum and Instruction
Bachelor's Degree from Kansas State University - Secondary Business Education
Bachelor's Degree from Manhattan Christian College - Business Management - Summa Cum Laude
Work Experience: I have been an educator for 15 years. I started my career in the business world and then returned to college to pursue my degree as a teacher (which was my life-goal since I was just a child). My experiences have allowed me to bring real-life application that are essential in the business world to the classroom. My teaching experiences include Hanover High School (teacher, technology lead, CTE Coordinator, and FBLA Adviser), Eisenhower Middle School (Teacher, technology leader, and school play director), Anthony Middle School (Teacher, technology leader, and Yearbook adviser), Kenneth Henderson Middle School (Teacher, staff development technology lead, yearbook adviser, and PRIDE Coordinator). I am so happy to now be a part of the staff at Holy Trinity 
Teaching Philosophy:
I Believe the following to be true… The career as a teacher is actually a very complex job. Teachers must possess a solid foundation in the field of education. Keeping abreast of the historical, philosophical, legal, ethical, and social foundations of education as well as cultural and linguistic diversity and the latest in technology prepare a teacher to provide the best educational foundation possible for his/her students. Teachers also need to stay current with studies and knowledge of their content area, as well they should continually seek developmentally appropriate instructional strategies, materials, and technology in order to adapt and accommodate a diverse student body. Teachers need to offer a learning environment that encourages: individual and group motivation, respect and rapport among the students and between the students and the teacher, a culture and community of learning, and student behavior and can properly manage the classroom. When instructing, the teacher should be able to effectively communicate (both verbally and non-verbally) with his/her students in such a way that students are engaged in learning. He/She should be flexible and responsive to the individual needs of his/her students and should allow students to comment or give feedback on their learning experience. Finally, a teacher should be an advocate for students and families. He/She should possess good oral and written communication skills and should be professional when communicating with others. Above all, I believe that a teacher should have passion for his/her career. If teaching is just a job, one should not be doing it. Teaching is very complex and requires countless hours of “behind-the-scenes” work in preparation for the actual lesson to be taught.
I Feel Personally That …Students are not just kids you teach. You develop relationships with them, get to know their families and share a major part of their adolescent life with them. Teachers influence the lives of others. This happens not only while you are standing in front of a class teaching a lesson, but also when you see them in the public. You influence them more with actions than with words. If you, as a teacher, mess up – be willing to admit it and share what you learned from that. Don’t act as if you have no faults. Kids need honesty and it is a key responsibility for teachers to teach them this life-skill through example. Make a point to meet as many parents as possible and try to connect with them on some level. This will help you relate to their child better, kids are a reflection of their parents. For those whose parents are unreachable, do your best to incorporate your teaching directly to that child. Find out a little about their family, his/her interests, strengths and weaknesses. Parents, for the most part, want to stay connected and middle/high school is the time when kids are trying to separate themselves more and become more like adults.
In My Teaching I Will … As a teacher, I will keep in mind first and foremost that I am an advocate for my students. My job is to teach them regarding my subject area as well as life skills that will help them in the future. I will offer individualized instruction to my students by getting to know them and their personal learning styles. I will also strive to teach to all students regardless of their race, gender, social status, or any other diversity factor. Maintaining communication with parents and making myself available to them in regards to their child’s education will be a goal of mine. I will continually seek opportunities to further or improve my education and knowledge in not only my area of instruction, but also in regards to becoming a better teacher. I will incorporate both classroom instruction and hands-on learning, as I believe this offers a well-rounded business education for students. Above all, I will hold myself accountable to those in authority and will seek peer accountability from fellow teachers.
Our Mission: "Holy Trinity Catholic School is dedicated to the spiritual, academic, emotional, and physical development of all students; Empowering them to cultivate positive relationships, think critically, and become disciples for the Catholic Church and the world."
Passions & Interests: I love learning about and using new technology! I also love reading and being on the beach. My family lives in Florida (Gulf Coast) and spend as much time as I can with a good book, family, the beach, and lots of sunscreen. I am a true Kansas State Wildcat football fan and love the Kansas City Royals. 
Favorite Scripture:Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will direct your path." Proverbs 16:3